4th Annual NVC Telethon

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1000 Trainings Project #: 929

November 18, 2017
8:00 am - 8:00 pm


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Partner with us this November.

When you become a partner at our 4th Annual NVC Telethon fundraiser, you’ll be making a positive difference in many people’s lives. As a partner, you’ll be actively supporting:

  1. NVC learning opportunities for people throughout the world;
  2. Enthusiasts in connecting with trainers from a wide variety of cultures and lifestyles;
  3. Discounts and full scholarships for folks who might otherwise be unable to attend our programs;
  4. NVC-based programs being created in partnership with other caring organizations, such as Sounds True and World Trust; and
  5. The vital living partnership that’s the foundation of the NVC Academy, YOU, its team, and its trainers.

And last but definitely NOT least: when you become a partner you’re giving yourself the gift of oodles and oodles of NVC community support.

So join us, won’t you?

Come for the whole day, or drop by for just a while. Each session is only 50 minutes long, which — if there’s one session in particular that grabs your interest — makes it pretty easy to fit into a busy day. Not only will you be boosting your NVC practice, you’ll be supporting the NVC Academy AND enjoying a time that promises to be rich with inspiration, laughter and that lovely heart-lifting sense of community.

Ahhhh, community… Now that’s the sweet spot, isn’t it.

There’s something truly wonderful about having one’s need for community filled… having one’s need for sustainability filled… and feeling that rich glow from deep inside that comes from the pure and simple joy of living and breathing NVC!