9 Skills for Navigating Conflict

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May 22, 2018
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Bob Garmon

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Seeing the Impact of Power and Privilege: Fishbowl Discussions

Do you long for more reliable access to NVC when you need it the most?

When conflict erupts, our NVC skills can sometimes seem so far away. When we feel separate, enflamed with uncomfortable emotions and judgment, it seems like NVC is the farthest thing from our mind. Then, we end up saying or doing something reactively, and are left sifting through the ashes of conflict.

Do you wonder how you can remember to use the skills and consciousness of NVC when you need it the most?

Here’s a tip directly from the course that you may find helpful:

When and how we address the conflicts that emerge in our everyday life matters! By slowing down and considering the state of our own resources before engaging in a conflict situation, we increase the likelihood of discovering a solution that dissolves separateness and enhances the connection and compassion we all long for.

Some of the benefits you may experience in Jim and Jori’s course:

  • Discovering an effective shortcut to activating “NVC Consciousness” when you need it the most
  • Learning and practicing skills that increase the likelihood of more connection and compassion, even in the heat of conflict
  • Using the power of gratitude to create the energy to sustain yourself in the midst of conflict and enhance connection with others
  • Increasing self-empathy skills to support you in cooling down from reactivity, both yours and other’s
  • How to make powerful requests that deepen mutual understanding and support the flow of connection
  • Finding the courage to speak on behalf of Needs
  • Deepening your access to Empathy and Needs Consciousness
  • Practice opportunities during and between each session