A Principle-Based Approach to Teaching NVC Basics

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December 18, 2017
10:30 am - 12:00 pm


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If you’ve been studying NVC for some time, you’ve no doubt experienced first-hand its transformative effects: maybe a greater sense of inner freedom, or breakthrough conversations with people you didn’t know how to approach previously, or forward leaps in your work in organizations or activism.

More and more people recognize that the principles and practices of NVC regularly produce far-reaching results. At the same time, like so many who’ve learned NVC before you and even through you, you’ve likely had the experience of using NVC with quite the opposite results, even when you’ve applied everything you’ve learned: alienating people who don’t trust your authenticity, being seen as a member of a cult, or endless meetings that don’t converge on anything.

What is the difference, and why does it exist?

If you’re sharing NVC with others, or are envisioning yourself going there in the future, this class may well help you understand and practice how you can present NVC basics to others, as well as rethink for yourself how you apply NVC, so that you and others are more and more likely to live the promise of NVC and less likely to approach NVC as a mechanical formula that could even interfere with connection.