Awakening to Wholeness: Horses Helping Humans

June 9, 2016 - June 12, 2016
10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Gloria Lybecker

Gloria Lybecker Healing With Horses
1003 S. Wheatland St.
Medical Lake, Washington, 99022
United States

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4-Day Retreat at Healing With Horses Ranch

Awakening to Wholeness expands your potential for learning and personal growth by empowering you to become aware of your being – mind, body, emotion, and spirit. In Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL), you learn to distinguish subtle energetic exchanges that are often overlooked, yet they profoundly influence your internal and external landscapes.  This awareness is key to self-empowerment, making clear the way to navigate beyond any limitations like fear, doubt, and low self-worth.

Horses Helping Humans

Fear is simply part of being human. It is what protects us from real and present danger. Yet fear can also inhibit us from connecting meaningfully with others and stepping into our full potential.  Introspection helps you move beyond limiting thoughts and bring yourself forward more fully in all of your interactions.

Horses help people move through fear. They are gentle and curious; they want to get to know you, and wait for you to be present before they engage. You become aware of both your inner and your outer landscapes with the horses. This is an exquisite experience. It motivates you to let go of fear, doubt and low self-esteem.

Joining with a horse touches your heart. Their gentle and curious natures guide you to access deeper awareness throughout the process.

The Healing with Horses Approach 

In Awakening to Wholeness, we use reliable and proven methods of experiential education and equine-facilitated learning. We tailor our programs to the specific needs of each participant and limit attendance in each workshop to six participants. The small size of our groups is unusual among equine-facilitated programs and, we believe, essential.

Joining with a horse touches your heart. Their gentle and curious natures guide you throughout the process. Whatever you are thinking or feeling that keeps you from being fully present affects a horse’s willingness to be with you. In Awakening to Wholeness, you will discover your Authentic Voice with horse, and in the process, develop self-trust more fully.

Previous experience with horses is not a requirement for participation, and during the program, interaction with the horses occurs on the ground; there is no riding involved.

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