Intro to Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation

April 30, 2016 - May 1, 2016
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

East Point Peace Academy

East Bay Meditation Center
28t 17th St.
Oakland, CA, 94612
United States

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Registration (Required) and information HERE.

Come join us for this two-day workshop which will provide participants an introduction to the philosophy of Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation.  These trainings are transformational experiences that have helped thousands of people from around the world understand the depth of the philosophy of nonviolence, and learn to begin to bring the practices into their lives and their work.

Through role plays, small group activities, readings, video presentations, mini-lectures and discussions, we explore topics such as:

  • The definitions of violence and nonviolence
  • An analysis of the different types and levels of conflict, and how they escalate and deescalate
  • The history of the Civil Rights Movement and some of Dr. King’s philosophies
  • The principles (the will) Kingian Nonviolence, how to view and transform conflict
  • The steps (the skill) of Kingian Nonviolence, how to engage with conflict and organize a campaign

Whether you are an organizer working for social change, a teacher trying to change the culture of your school or simply an individual trying to deal with the conflicts in your personal life, each person will walk away from our workshops with new skills and a new perspective.

This workshop is sponsored by our friends at the East Bay Meditation Center.