March 26, 2016
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Edwin Rutsch

515 Kearney St.
El Cerrito, CA - California, 94530
United States

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We will be hosting this new Human-Centered Design (HCD) and Empathy workshop. It’s not specifically about nonviolence, but it is about a very powerful tool set that can be used to redesign the nonviolence movement to better address the needs of the community. Human-Centered Design is growing like wildfire in the business and nonprofits community as well as schools, etc.

This process uses empathy as a gateway to addressing human needs with creativity and innovation. It can be used to add creativity and innovation to the nonviolence movement. We are prototyping and testing this workshop online and it’s only $10 for an 8 hour course. see this link for more on HCD.


Introduction Human-Centered Design & Empathy Online Workshop

You’re invited to learn about human-centered design in a two-day online hands-on workshop. Using the process and tools developed by, this workshop will introduce you to human-centered design, get you out in the field, and help you prototype and test your ideas quickly. Also take a deep dive into learning how to build your empathy skills and apply them to fostering creativity and innovation.

Our design challenge is:
How might we train people online in empathy skills?


Part 1: Saturday: April 9, 8 am PST (3 hours)
Part 2: Saturday: April 16, 8 am PST (5 hours)