Life Transitions: Rediscovering the Spark Within

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1000 Trainings Project #: 914 through 923

November 13, 2017
7:00 am - 9:00 am


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Rediscovering the Spark Within

How is change affecting your life right now?

Are you facing a career change, or a divorce? Maybe you’re moving across the country — or to another country… You might be dating for the first time in many years, or walking the pathway through menopause. Perhaps someone you love is experiencing health issues, or maybe you’re in the throes of changes that involve your children or elderly parents… It could be too that recent global or national changes have been adding to your sense of discomfort…

Change impacts us all in an immeasurable number of ways. And it can be so confusing and scary to be in throes of a major transition…

This nurturing, highly experiential course is all about how you can more easily navigate times of intense change and transition. Expect to be challenged to step forward and embrace the life you want!

You’ll be invited to explore how you may:

•   Find peace amid the chaos •   Spend less time being stressed
•   Get back to balance faster •   Speak your truth to anyone
•   Stop being hard on yourself •   Ask for help when you need it
•   See beauty in the challenge •   And much, much more!