Removing Our Blinders: Seeing the Impact of Power and Privilege

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1000 Trainings Project #: 859 through 861

June 9, 2017 - June 10, 2017
5:00 pm - 12:30 pm


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There’s an elephant in the room. It’s called Privilege.

And it has grown so large that we can no longer walk around it or pretend it’s not there. At one point or another in our lives, almost all of us have been complicit in alternately denying its existence or, when accepting it, have swallowed our integrity in order to avoid any and all uncomfortable discussions.

Why have we gone to such extremes?

Because many of us have:

  • Framed privilege as an individual issue when it is, in fact, systemic; and
  • Believed that if we accepted and identified as part of a privileged group, personal achievement would be disallowed or unrecognized.

It’s time to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve us in positive ways. Time to deal with the discomfort of daring to change. Time to remove our blinders so we can understand how we’re unwittingly complicit. It’s time to stand up and acknowledge the impact and power privilege has had and continues to have – and it’s time to accept that it has impacted some of us far more than others.

Are you looking for ways of acknowledging, understanding, and exposing privilege? Are you longing to be part of this social change movement, yearning to be active in decreasing the divide between one human being and another? Then you are in the right place.

Dare to join us for this richly transformative and empowering Video Conference.