Rooms in the Same House – Interweaving NVC and Buddhism

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April 5, 2017
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Bob garmon

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Can you imagine staying in the clarity and equanimity of meditation as you face your daily challenging human interactions?

We sit, we meditate, we feel centered.

Then we get up from the cushion and find life’s usual challenges heading right at us with as much intensity as ever. Even the most minor conflict can trigger emotions and judgments which can threaten that lovely inner peace. What can we do when we feel that relaxed acceptance slipping away? Knowing how to stay attentive to our feelings and needs instead of resorting to demands and punishments will allow compassion to arise naturally. The overlap of the principles of Buddhism and the consciousness of NVC is clear. They both help us keep our hearts and minds open as we move through our lives, they inhabit the same rooms in our house.

Now you can explore this commonality by joining us for a first-ever NVC Academy six week course designed to delve deeply into this common and fertile ground. We will see how NVC can help us stay true to Buddhist values such as mindfulness, compassion, nonviolence, acceptance and loving kindness. We will use the lens of NVC to help us find ways to stay in tune with our spirituality as we experience our interactions with others and become aware of our own inner dialog.