Seeing the Impact of Power and Privilege: Fishbowl Discussions

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June 3, 2017
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Bob Garmon

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What is a Fishbowl Process?
The Fishbowl Process involves a small group of people – seated in circle – who’re having a conversation in full view of a larger group of listeners. It provides a creative way of including “the public” in a small group discussion. Although largely self-organizing once the discussion is underway, a Fishbowl usually has a moderator, and is almost always part of a larger process of dialogue and deliberation.
—Knowledge Sharing Tools and Methods Toolkit

Privilege and its ramifications have become important topics in our society, and as such are subject to endless hours of dialogue and debate.

Understanding it can be both heartbreaking and liberating.

For most of us, issues of privilege are so embedded in our daily lives that we have become inured to them. We’re often unaware of its subtle nuances – so much so that we may not even know to ask questions…

We at the NVC Academy believe it’s crucial to understand how privilege shapes our world communities if we’re to live in harmony with our values around nonviolence. For anyone committed to living nonviolently, understanding and questioning the inherent ramifications of privilege is imperative.