Individual Trainers

Below is an initial list of individual trainers supporting the Nonviolence Training Hub.

Dian Killian

I am a Certified Trainer with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication, a certified life coach (a graduate of the Coaching for Transformation program) and author of two books, Urban Empathy: True Life Adventures of Compassion on the Streets of NY, and Connecting across Differences: How to Connect with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere (now in its third edition, and in German).

Trainings include: Collaborative Communication for Personal and Organizational Transformation, including coaching, training, workshops, and retreats.

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Eva Rambala

Eva is  a Certified Trainer with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication ( She is located in Hungary and offers NVC trainings in both English and Hungarian.

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Gloria Lybecker

Gloria Lybecker is the founder of Dynamic Mediation and Consulting PLLC, Gloria Lybecker – Healing With Horses®. Providing Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching Programs, parenting classes and customized trainings in Nonviolent Communication, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Mindfulness in the Spokane, Washington area, Gloria’s heart is especially tender for families struggling to make sense of developmental and learning challenges. Gloria has articles published in the GAINS (Global Association of Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies) Journal on depth empathy, the brain, and parenting. She works in businesses, schools, churches, family environments and in the horse corrals, providing lots of interaction and practice to develop new skill sets. Gloria is available for individual sessions or phone consultations, and can be reached at

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Leah Boyd

I offer training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and I also offer mediation, facilitation and conflict coaching based in NVC.

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Mair Alight

I am an Empathy Specialist, and Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication, dedicated to co-creating a world that works for all beings for a sustainable planet.

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Paul Robbins

It’s time for deep democracy, and a civic society where everyone has the skills for nonviolent social transformation. This is the heart of deep democracy. As a nonviolence trainer for over a quarter of a century, Paul offers his time and talent.

Paul offers training and organizing for strategic, nonviolent social transformation, active workshops tailored to group needs. Includes strategic thinking and planning, nonviolent communication, conflict resolution, community organizing, methods, tactics, as well as team and affinity group formation and on-going development.

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Peter Bergel

Peter Bergel has been a nonviolence trainer since 1967, when he received his initial training in a nonviolence course at UC Berkeley. He has conducted a great many nonviolence prep trainings for direct actions of various kinds, but in addition he has led community nonviolence trainings, trainings for trainers and college nonviolence courses. In 1995 he took a week of Training for Trainers from George Lakey of Training for Change, which substantially altered the way he conducts nonviolence training, making his trainings much more elicitive than previously. Currently he is developing a new kind of nonviolence training which he calls “Shifting into Peace Gear” and which is intended to develop participants’ abilities to become effective agents of the crucial societal paradigm shift from domination to cooperation.

Bergel is willing to travel within the Northwest to conduct trainings, but needs travel and other expenses to be covered by the sponsoring organization. He also encourages all sponsoring organizations to register their trainings with 1000 Nonviolence Trainings.

You can reach him by emailing or calling 503-371-8002.

Robin Wildman

Robin Wildman is a Kingian Nonviolence trainer and consultant, and a public school educator for the past 25 years. She has been training children and youth in Nonviolence conflict reconciliation, practiced by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She also trains educators, administrators and school staff on how to create a peaceful community in their classrooms, and how to improve the climate and culture throughout a school. Her effective training teaches students and staff Dr. King’s 6 Principles and 6 Steps to solve conflict, investigates the levels and types of conflict, includes activities and role plays, and is provides a way for participants to change themselves and those around them.

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Sarah Peyton

Sarah is a Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication (NVC); faculty of Birthingway Midwifery College teaching Communication; an experienced facilitator of Family Constellation work; speaks and writes internationally on the confluence of NVC, Constellation work, and the world of neuroscience research; guest lectures at the International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA) Intensive at Bernried, Germany (’14, ’15); and is a regular contributor to the Global Association of Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies (GAINS) journal and The Knowing Field journal.

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Scott Brown

Scott Brown, M.A., is the founder of Active Peace. He has been involved in activism and peacemaking for over 25 years. He has worked as a campaigner with organizations including Greenpeace and the Nova Scotia-based Ecology Action Centre. Scott is a professional mediator and brings a deep background in restorative justice and nonviolent communication. He is the author of Active Peace: A Mindful Path to a Nonviolent World.

The Active Peace approach to peacemaker training is comprehensive and grounded in four foundations:

  1. Healing the relationship to self through mindfulness (self-awareness) practices,
  2. Deepening the relationship to nature through nature-based practices,
  3. Transforming interpersonal relationships through relationship skills and tools, and
  4. Restoring the world through consistent nonviolence and using the principles and practices of restorative justice.

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Tina Taylor

I am a counselor, mediator, and trainer, with a background in nursing and a Master’s in Counseling. I was a trainer in Re-evaluation Counseling (RC, co-counseling) for over 10 years, and now am a trainer in Compassionate / Nonviolent Communication (NVC). I work in my private practice with individuals and couples, teach workshops, and offer mediation for community, eldercare and medical cases. Since 2011 I have also been teaching NVC as a volunteer in the Oregon State Penitentiary (men’s maximum security prison), with the Oregon Prison Project. I offer group trainings, open to the public, several times a year. I am passionate about Compassion, and promoting it as the healing perspective that our world needs.

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